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  Institute of Housing Technologies
Improving the Real Estate Information Network
Public Records, Square Footage, & the Real Estate Information Crisis
All About Public Records & Square Footage (R1)

Discover how the square footage details reported in Public Records all across the country are changing the "quality" of appraisals, and all home valuations. Inaccurate square footage details create a domino effect that influences home values all across a market area. Tax records and the square footage details they provide are showing up in more MLS systems, CMA's, and AVM's, and placing the entire home valuation process at risk. This course will shock you. It will show you just how easily the information in public records can alter a home's value, often creating over and under-pricing. It will also give you a totally new understanding about the public records system and how it influences the real estate information network. A must class for all agents and appraisers, insurance adjustors and tax assessors. 100% money back guarantee. 

The "Information Crisis" is sweeping the nation. MLS systems are reporting information taken from the local assessor's offices, which are notoriously inaccurate. This inaccurate info is causing low appraisals, inaccurate CMA's, and hurting an already fragile real estate market. The MLS is "the most trusted SOURCE of real estate information in the world." However, they are quickly becoming an advertising outlet and not the SOURCE of real property data at all. When that happens, what's to stop the Google's and Yahoo's from taking over the real estate information network? If they all have access to the same information, the MLS looses a huge advantage over the competition. It's time for the MLS to get back on tract. If you are a real estate professional, you should know the power of the MLS and the secrets of our public records system. This class will not disappoint!  
A class that agents and appraisers will appreciate. Watch as we expose the new real estate crisis. An issue that contributed to the last crisis, the problems with inaccurate square footage details, and all the industries that rely on those details, is changing the face of home valuation. Look at tax records, CMA's, BPO's, and AVM's and have a totally new perspective of public records, size, and the awesome power of price-per-square-foot. Pricing the American dream, one square foot at a time...   
A New online course that will teach you the inside stuff on the public records system and the square footage information that is pricing America's real estate. The square footage errors in tax records will completely shock you, especially in homes with upper and lower levels. Red flags should be flying high over the entire home valuation system, AVM's (and many CMA's) depend on the information published in public records, which is then applied to the all-powerful price-per-square-foot formula, used to price real estate across the country. It's a system in danger of dramatically over and under pricing homes. Discover more about the tax assessor's role in the home valuation system and why the role of the MLS has dramatically changed over the last decade. Explore when the public records system became force-fed into the real estate network and why the MLS stopped being responsible for reporting square footage details. Agents and appraisers will find this course enlightening and alarming. Anyone who prices homes for others should take this course. Guaranteed satisfaction!