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ANSI® Quiz
How well do you know the ANSI® Standard? 

Following any standard requires 100% adherence, you can’t 
use only the parts you like or agree with. ANSI® is an excellent
 resource and measurement guide. Make sure you follow it completely.

Take this short quiz to test your knowledge:

1. When you measure a home’s square footage, how do you measure the stairs? 

  A. You count the staircase within the exterior dimensions of all levels, including  
  the highest finished level and the sloped space beneath. The area of the 
  staircase is counted twice in the GLA count; or

  B. You count the staircase as square footage only on one level. The stairs are 
  included within the GLA of the lowest finished space. The space is only 
  counted on one level as finished living area.

2. When you measure rooms with sloped ceilings: A. Do you add for the width of the exterior dimensions, like you do on all other upper level living areas calculated using interior measurements? Or; B. Does the measurement stop at the five foot mark/point on the sloped ceiling, with no addition for the width of any exterior walls

3. There is a finished bonus room above the garage. It is finished equally to the lower level, main finished living area; and, the space is accessible from a hallway adjoining the GLA. However, the space has a window air conditioner and no heating system. Such spaces are typical in the overall market. Do you include this space within the GLA calculations?

4. There is a finished office located inside the garage. It is finished the same as the main living area and is accessible from inside the garage only. It is on the same HVAC system as the main house. How would you count this space – as GLA or GBA?

5. All the measurements in this market area are rounded to the nearest one-half foot. Everyone reports it by the same method and there have been few questions about a square footage total within the local MLS system. Do they follow the ANSI® Guideline?

Answer Key

1. Stairs are counted on the level from where they start and descend; meaning the space of the staircase                should be included within the upper level gross living area (and on the floor below, regardless of ceiling            height).

2. B. The measurement stop at the five foot mark/point on the sloped ceiling, with no addition for the width         of any exterior walls.

3. No. The space requires you to leave the continuous finished living area, and is not part of the central                HVAC system. 

4. GBA. This space is accessible from inside the garage only and entry requires an exit from the main           finished living area. Even though the space may be finished in a similar fashion and serviced by the main     central heat/air system; because it is not connected and requires you to leave the continuous finished               living area, it cannot be included in any GLA calculation and would technically be defined as Finished              Gross Building Area (FinGBA). 

5. ANSI® guidelines clearly state that all measurements are to be made to the nearest inch (or tenth of a               foot) and rounded to the nearest whole square foot. “Measurements to the nearest half foot,” as stated             above, would automatically void any claim of adherence to the ANSI® standard.