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How to Measure a House
Based on the ANSI® Measurement Standard
How to Measure a House. The art of measuring residential square footage, based on the ANSI® measurement guideline. If you want to learn how to measure a home's square footage, this is the most complete resource available anywhere. The complete square footage manual. 

​Step by step instructions, residential measurements from A – Z. Learn how to professionally measure a single-family house, and protect yourself from liability. Home measurement basics for anyone with an interest in professionally calculating a home's square footage. 100% money-back guarantee. 
Size Does Matter!
"Size" Does Matter!
How to Measure a House - Book Description YouTube Video
How to Measure a House - Book Description Part 2
You Tube Video
The most complete home measurement instruction manual available anywhere. 
Learn the "Art" of Measuring a Single-Family House
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