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Death by Banking - Real Estate Appraisal
Watch the show, as big banking continues perpetrating the death of the appraisal industry. The "Golden Rule" is alive and well in mortgage lending. Discover the methods used by big banking to promote automated valuation products, and to inspire consumer trust in computerized home valuations. At a time when an experienced appraiser should be worth their weight in gold, AVM's are being pushed as a technology based savior of the home valuation process. Not influenced by anything other than the facts... The problem is, the facts of information used by AVM's are wrong more often than they are accurate. When you see the phrase AVM, you can Assume Valuation Mistakes. Time will prove it true. Hopefully, before it's too late to keep the appraisal industry alive and well. Every day, another professional is lost. The clock is ticking on the appraisal industry. Dig into the past, present, and future of the residential appraisal industry. 
Who wants appraisers removed from the mortgage lending process and why? Follow the Golden Rule as we explore how the real estate crisis began, how appraisers were the easiest target for reform, how the HVCC was created and the real reason why, the dangers of using automated valuation models, the public records and MLS information crisis, and discover a five step solution. 
This book was written at the start of the HVCC and the future was uncertain. Read how accurately this book has come to life and how it continues to show what the future holds for residential appraisers. It's frighteningly right on the money!