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Improving the Real Estate Information Network
​Home Measurement Specialist (HMS®)
Living in a price-per-square-foot world, it’s never been more important to recognize and emphasis the impact of square footage in the home comparison and valuation processes. Indeed, Size Matters! 
The “Home Measurement Specialist” Certification. Buyers and sellers understand more about today’s real estate market, about home values, and about how square footage affects home prices; so should you… 
However you define success, you will get there faster earning advanced certifications/designations, like the HMS® - Home Measurement Specialist. 

Learn the fundamentals of measuring residential square footage, and why this (often taken for granted) information influences every residential transaction. 

Home Measurement Specialist Certification  (HMS®)

If you want to earn the Home Measurement Specialist (HMS®) certification, there are two (2) required courses and one (1) skill verification exam. 

These requirements must be met to attain and use the HMS® certification: 

1. Successful completion of the seven-hour HMS® Certification CORE Course (ANSI, Home Measurement, and the Power of Price-Per-Square -Foot). After successful completion of the CORE Course, you will have one (1) full year in which to complete the other HMS® course requirement.  

2. The second step to earning your Home Measurement Specialist certification is to complete the seven-hour Public Records & the Real Estate Information Crisis study course. After completing both courses and completing the final exam, and submitting the one-time application fee, you will be awarded the Home Measurement Specialist Certification. Upon completion of the Certification requirements, the CCHMS (Council of Certified Home Measurement Specialist) will contact you with your formal achievement certificate, distinguished wall plaque, and additional information about the HMS® certification benefits package. 

Register Today! Once you complete the first course registration, you will have immediate access to the online materials for one year. For more information about the Council of Home Measurement Specialist and the HMS® Certification, you can visit the council's website at http://www.HomeMeasurementSpecialist.com.

To meet your busy schedule, courses are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Work with an Home Measurement Specialist instructor, complete assignments, quizzes and exams through our online course delivery system.  

In the Home Measurement Specialist Certification program, students will: 

 •Explore the Power of “Size” and the Currency of Real Estate 

Learn to properly measure a single-family home, based on the ANSI® Measurement Guideline

Discover the importance of 100% adherence to a Standard of Practice

Understand the influence of above and below “Grade” in home comparisons

Improve your understanding of the public records system and its role in the home valuation process

Grasp a better understanding of Automated Valuation Models (AVM’s) and be able to explain their role to clients 

Reveal the true power of the MLS and how its role has dramatically changed over the last decade

Plus so much more…

I am really glad that I went through these courses. They have really improved they way I measure houses. In the past, I would round measurements to the nearest half or full foot and if there was a discrepancy between my measurements and public records, I would question my measurements. Now that I adhere to a standard, I can confidently explain my measurements and why public records can be incorrect. 

Jason 2015