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  Institute of Housing Technologies
Improving the Real Estate Information Network
For those who provide square footage details for others, a new Certification program that will help you to stand out among the rest. It will also make you better at your job. Look below for details on the Home Measurement Specialist, Certification Program. The first of its kind, gain a new level of education and financial reward with this unique real estate training program. 
Home Measurement Specialist®
The two classes required to earn the Home Measurement Specialist Certification. Click below for full details. 
 For Professional Development Only. 
Courses do not offer CE credit at this time.
Every real estate agent should take these courses, whether they want to measure homes or not. The new info will help me at work tomorrow. 
Jason R 

I thought your class was exceptionally timely and relevant to the working real estate professional in today’s market. Our understanding of the many facets of a real estate transaction helps us provide better service to our clients. 

I have completed your course and found it fascinating, eye opening, and of tremendous value. I will encourage all my agents to take the course. My perspective on the residential real estate transaction has been permanently altered. I heartily recommend this course. 
Visit www.AppraiserELearning.com
For Agents, Appraisers, & anyone with an interest in the home valuation process.
Visit www.AppraiserELearning.com
These classes are for those professionals who want to be better at their jobs, not just fill a seat and get the required CE credit. The classes are designed to teach you real world information that will help you help your clients and make you more valuable to buyers and sellers. For those who understand - learn more, earn more... 
Learned more in this class than in any class I ever took. Thx! 
Randy W. 
Bill Sahadi
Topics whose time have come!
Courses for Agents & Appraisers
For the Ultimate Square Footage Expert!
Check out OnlineEd for classes approved for CE in Oregon and Rhode Island. and Georgia.
Visit eappraiserlearning.com to take the CE Credit edition of ANSI, Home Measurement, & the Power of Price-Per-Square-Foot. 
Classes approved for CE Credit in most states. 
Visit AppraiserELearning and AgentELearning.com to see all courses written by the Institute of Housing Technologies. 
Coming Soon: Agents are from Mars, Appraisers are from Venus! 
Coming Soon: Home Measurement Video Course. A seven hour CE class on measuring residential square footage. The first of its kind, you'll learn more from this class than anything you've ever taken before. Out spring 2019...
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to view all Appraisal CE Courses

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to view all Agent CE Courses
The HMS Program has been exclusive to appraisers in the past. We are adding new courses to allow real estate agents to earn their HMS Certification, while earning CE Credit at the same time. Watch for details coming soon!