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  Institute of Housing Technologies
Improving the Real Estate Information Network
How to Handle Low Appraisals
YouTube Video Series - All Things Real Estate
American Measurement Standard®

Automated Valuation Models
Realtors® & Liability
New Construction &
Gimme a Break! Big Banking
Why Two Standards?
Mortgages Denied Due to AVM's
How to Measure a House - ANSI®
How to Hire the Right Realtor®
Apples to Oranges - AVM's
One Common Denominator
Automated Valuation Models
Sources and Errors - Square Footage
Valuation or Impersonation? - AVM's
Realtors® - Using "Size" When You Advertise
Home Values & 
What is MLS? Realtor® Power!
Danger Ahead! AVM's
N.C. Real Estate Commission
Square Footage Guideline
Your Wedding Day
To My Daughter 
Death of an Industry
Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate 101 
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 Video Gallery
Question Everything!
Always Remember 
"if money can fix it -
it ain't broke! 
My Life
To My Wife 
Always & Forever
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